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Are you ready to take the next steps in your professional career? Do you need help finding a new employee? Drawing from our own experiences working for staffing agencies, our team at Trinity Personnel Services in Varnville, SC, works hard to help employers find both temporary and full-time personnel. They provide resume and interview support for job seekers in all industries. Our employment agency’s network of local connections gives both employers and prospective employees exclusive contact with the people they’re trying to reach.

Direct Hiring

Have you recently graduated from college and need help finding the best opportunities to use your degree? Is your company looking for the perfect candidate for a vacant position? Whatever your needs might be, our employment agency offers direct hiring services. We take care of screening resumes, conducting interviews, and completing onboarding paperwork once the process is complete. We strive to make the hiring process as simple as possible for everyone in the public and private business sectors.

Temporary Jobs

It can be difficult to find jobs that fit your schedule if you can’t work a typical nine to five. Whether you’re only in the area for a short time or you want to supplement your income with a part-time job, we’re here to help. At Trinity Personnel Services, we’re focused on connecting potential employees to some of the best temporary jobs in the area. Through staffing opportunities and direct contact with local employers, we offer a diverse array of temp jobs for those looking for flexible work outside of full-time employment. Our goal is to get you in the professional position you want to be in.

CV, Resume, & Interview Support

When it comes time to enter the professional sector, it can be difficult to figure out how to update your resume and CV or prepare for an upcoming interview. The team at our employment agency is dedicated to providing you with every advantage to ensure you get the job you deserve. We’ll work with you to incorporate buzzwords in your resume, best showcase your skills, and prepare polished and concise answers to common interview questions. Trust us to put a shine on your already stellar professional personality!

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